Week three of #SciFund: unbelievable momentum

Week three of #SciFund: unbelievable momentum

Jai Ranganathan

We are now three weeks into #SciFund Challenge projects going live on RocketHub. Where do we stand?

SciFund contributions
Contributions to #SciFund projects, as of morning of Nov. 16 (click image for larger version).

Astonishingly well! As of this morning, #SciFund projects have together raised  $49,294. Incredible. And if you look at the figure above, you can see that contributions are rising steadily.

What ‘s amazing here is that this steady rise shouldn’t be happening. The crowdfunding site Kickstarter recently did an analysis of all of the projects running on their site.

Distribution of Kickstarter contributions
Pledges to Kickstarter projects mostly come at the beginning and end (click image for larger version).

They found that pledges to Kickstarter projects tended to occur when projects launched and when they ended, with not very much going on in between. That’s not what is happening for SciFund projects – plenty of contribution action in the middle – so we are really breaking new ground here.

In really fantastic news, four projects have already blown right past their funding targets.

How close are SciFunders to their targets?
How close are #SciFund projects to their targets? Getting closer! (click image for larger version)
Even better, a large number of #SciFund projects are getting close! Thirty-nine of 49 projects are at least 10% of their funding target. Seventeen projects are above 25% of their target and nine are past the halfway mark.
amounts raised by SciFund projects
How much have #SciFund projects raised? (click for larger version)

What about dollar amounts raised by individual projects? All but four projects have raised at least one hundred dollars. Twelve projects have already raised at least one thousand dollars. And our standout success so far, for dollars raised, is Ancient Roman DNA (there’s that project again), with $9,281 raised in about two weeks.

So keep up the incredible work #SciFund people! Keep spreading the message of your wondeful science. And if you are looking for some advice on how to make your project even more successful, there is some advice on this blog from some of the most effective SciFunders (the advice is here, here, and here).

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  1. The team at SciFund Challenge and RocketHub have achieved a groundbreaking accomplishment. Keep up the good work and good luck to all Scientists.