• FREE outreach class for scientists is back!
The SciFund Challenge

Outreach Class 2014, Week Two

Welcome to week 2 of the 2014 SciFund Challenge outreach training class for scientists! How do we craft a clear and compelling message from our science? That’s what we’ll be focussing on this week.

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New science crowdfunding article in <i>The Lancet</i>

Medical journal The Lancet has a new article on science crowdfunding. It includes several quotes from co-founder Jai Ranganathan: “Whether a project got funded or not really had very little to do with the project subject, it had everything to do with interest for the scientist and them engaging the public with their science”, says […]

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Outreach Class 2014, Week One

Welcome to Week One of the SciFund Challenge outreach training class!  With this class, we have two goals. One: to build outreach skill levels. Two: to build a sense of community among class participants. So let’s get started with both! For this week, we’ll be diving into the opportunities and pitfalls that outreach presents for scientists. […]

The SciFund Challenge

Scientists talk about their outreach experience, 2014

Note: this post is part of week 1 of the 2014 SciFund Challenge outreach training class for scientists. What does doing outreach mean for scientists? Who better to ask than the researchers who regularly connect to the public with science. Below you’ll find a series of videos from scientist communicators talking about their outreach experiences. The […]

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Syllabus for 2014 outreach training class

The second SciFund Challenge outreach training class starts next week and we are excited! For those of you following along at home, here’s our syllabus. SciFund Challenge Class: Outreach 101 Course instructors: Zen Faulkes, Jai Ranganathan, Anthony Salvagno Course dates: September 21-October 25, 2014 (five weeks) This short course is intended for researchers that are new […]


FREE outreach class for scientists is back!

UPDATE (SEPTEMBER 2): Registration for our class has closed early. We have received over 170 applications in a week and we want to make sure that we don’t have more course participants than we can handle. We have more outreach training classes coming over the next few months and you can sign up for our […]

Denton et al. 2014

Sci-lamanaders: the latest #SciFund supported paper

Rob Denton, participant in Round 2 of #SciFund, has just published the latest peer-reviewed scientific paper to be supported by the #SciFund Challenge! (Click to enlarge the acknowledgements.) It’s published in Molecular Ecology, but Rob has a nice, plain English blog post describing the work in his scientific paper here. That makes six papers from […]


The big analysis is up as a PeerJ pre-print

A  preprint of our manuscript detailing what we learned from the first three rounds of #SciFund is up at PeerJ! Much of the analysis you will have seen already here, and the manuscript is in peer review (fingers crossed!) right now. But we’re happy to have pulled everything together. Enjoy, and let us know if […]


#SciFund round 4 analysis

#SciFund round 4 has concluded. I’m kind of excited to crunch the numbers to see how this round did in comparison. I’d already compared the goals of round 4 to the previous three here. The total amount of money committed across all 23 projects in round 4 was $55,272, bringing our total across all four […]

The SciFund Challenge

Lucky last!

We are not done yet, my friends! While most #SciFund projects closed out yesterday, Lee Stanish’s project, Can microorganisms help protect our groundwater from contamination by hydraulic fracturing?, is still running, with a few days left on the clock. Lee is past the halfway point, so her project could make its target with a little […]


Three in one day!

Seemingly from out of nowhere, Amanda Bachmann’s project, Discovering Backyard Biodiversity in South Dakota, has become our sixteenth fully funded #SciFund project. That’s officially just over two thirds of all projects funded in this round! This is turning into a fantastic round of #SciFund! Go to Experiment right now and join the fun! Let6s see […]


Two out of three ain’t bad

Congratulations to Jason Finley for having his #SciFund project, How Does Technology Affect Our Memory?, hit its funding target! With this success, we have funded two out of three projects this round. Well, okay, 65%, but forgive a teensy bit of premature celebration. It’s still a lot of projects that have been successful this round. […]


I love fourteen!

Gareth Lock has passed the post on his SCUBA project, making it project number 14 to be funded in this round of #SciFund. That puts us to 60% of #SciFund projects meeting their goals this round, which is a big step up from our last two rounds. It’s very exciting. How many more projects can […]


Lucky 13

Brian Clark is the participant who has become the thirteenth scientist to join #SciFund’s 100% club! Brian’s project, “Sex in the sea: Uncovering the mating behavior of Giant Sea Bass” is notable for being the largest project we have successfully funded in this round – about 50% higher goal than the next biggest funded so […]


Half and half (plus one!)

Congratulations to Jessica Rohde, who has become the twelfth person to have her #SciFund project become fully funded in this round! Jessica’s achievement is a big one for #SciFund, because it marks the first time fully half of our projects have reached their goals. In an age where over and over we read about the […]