Bringing scientists together to build a more science-engaged world.

Our Mission

Is it possible to bring us all closer to the science that shapes all of our lives? We can, by working together. Through our community-based programs, we empower scientists to team up to connect their science to the wider world.

What We Do

Community-powered communication classes for scientists.

Group fundraising for science research.

Network of science blogs that give researchers a voice.

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Are you a scientist who wants to improve your communication skills? From making science videos to improving your presentations, we’ve got you covered with our online training. And you won’t be alone. All of our programs focus on bringing scientists together, vastly accelerating the pace of your training.

Interested in running a science crowdfunding campaign the right way? Our research shows that connecting people to your science is the key to making your crowdfunding work. We have coached over 200 scientists to collectively raise over $200,000. Learn how with us.

Our network of blogs give scientists an online voice to their outreach and connect with their audience. Our science blogs are written by teams of #SciFund-trained scientists. The goal? A more science engaged world. Take a look!