Help us Build Round 3 of #SciFund!

Help us Build Round 3 of #SciFund!

A #SciFund-er, out spreading the word about round 3.

Well, it’s go time here at #SciFund central. And that means we’re hoofing it to solicit folks to come and sign up for round 3 of #SciFund. We’ve had amazing success in the past, and are totally excited that we’re going to be able to offer video training to participating scientists this time around.

So, now our job is to get amazing people like you to sign up!

What’s that, you say? You’ve already signed up? Or can’t this round, but still want to help make #SciFund rock on?

Well, then, there’s something you can indeed do. Or, rather, two things.

First, contact folk in your department. I wrote a (probably too long) email to my department this morning, the text of which I’ve posted here. Feel free to take it, adapt a few lines, and send it on to the various science departments on your campus (math, physics, ecology, psychology, educational research, etc.) Heck, you even have my permission to put my email contact info on it. If you really want to make it look official, email me, and I’ll forward it to you so that you can yourself forward it on.

Want to help out and relive your glory days of postering for different organizations in high school and college (live by the staple gun, die by the staple gun). Well, I’ve created a handy flier that I’ve been taking to different departments here at UMB and then posting it by mailboxes or where funding opportunities are listed. It’s fun, as you get to visit places you’ve never seen before, and meet colleagues that you don’t even know.