#SciFund group video – be part of it!

#SciFund group video – be part of it!

Jai Ranganathan

We want YOU for the #SciFund group video!

#SciFund is at its core about community: a community of scientists engaging the public about science. To show the community off, I want to put together a group video featuring every scientist who is part of #SciFund (in any way).  To do this though, I need your help (it should only take about 5-10 minutes of your time).

I want you to look into your closest webcam and record video of you reading the following text (or something close to it):

My name is (state your name) and I am SciFund! I’m from (state your country). I am a (state kind of scientist you are) and my research is cool/important (or whatever other adjective works for you) because (whatever the reason or reasons).

Your whole video probably won’t be more than 45 seconds. I am going to take all of your videos and edit them together into a group video, that shows the power of the #SciFund community! To help with that, it would be wonderful if you could be somewhat high energy in your video. If you are totally new to video production, we have a tutorial out there (check out the instructions under option 1).

Once you have shot the video, please save it either as a .mov file (quicktime format) or in mpeg-4 format and e-mail it to me at ranganathan@nceas.ucsb.edu. If you could send me the video by next Wednesday (April 11), I would be very grateful.

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  1. Do you think there are many VoIP’s featuring LIVE mobile video chat with the number of group participants? I don’t think so, they are all different in functionalities. So far, skype n oovoo was good, google hangout is better. But now i switched to FriendCaller as they launched Group Video Chat for 7 callers at a time