Featured Project: Tracking the migration of the Atlantic Puffin

Onwards with the featured projects! We’ll keep going with 1-2 a day!

First up today is Tracking the migration of the Atlantic Puffin from Robin Freeman at Oxford.

I’ll admit, I instantly loved this project because I grew up at the National Aquarium in Baltimore which has an amazing Atlantic Puffin exhibit. I was intrigued.

Puffin with a Mk 14 Geolocator from the British Antarctic Survey. Cute AND high-tech! Photo by D. Boyle.
Robin’s project is beautiful and simple. He’s seeking funds to put tracking devices on Atlantic Puffins from Wales to discover how variability in climate affects their migratory routes. The great thing is that this is an established technique that his group has published on before in the open access journal PLoS One.

Couple the simplicity with the project with the gorgeous footage of adorable puffins and Robin’s understated smooth discussion of the project, and you’ve got something wonderful. Seriously, I re-watched the video five times.

So head on over and help to fuel this project!