SciFund is really happening!!!

SciFund is really happening!!!

From Marisa Alonso Núñez – check out her #SciFund project Cancer? Yeast has the answers

Last month has been crazy. Apart from the regular work in the lab I’ve been doing something else. Something different… and quite fun I have to say. It´s been a month of thinking about how to explain my project with regular words and how to explain it in a catchy and good video as well!!

The SciFund Challenge has been a very important and special part of my life this month. And after all the work done and the collaboration with other scientists to get our projects done in the best way possible this part of it is ended. The experience is been great and I have made my first video ever!!!! I’m so proud of it…

But the good news are that the public part of SciFund is starting now!!!! Finally, all the effort and the work we have been doing for the last month will pay off. Well, we hope so. Now we will see if we’ve done a good job or not. If people like our project, or not. It’s pretty exciting.

Now it’s time for a different job. Getting our projects funded by people. It’s a proper job of marketing and a good experience for us, scientist, to go out and spread the word about our research. This is something that we don’t do very often and can be scary. Well, it is scary. These last days since the SciFund went live have been also frenetic. Thinking about who to contact to get some publicity for my project and trying to convince my friends to donate to it.

It’s something completely new for me and I’m loving it. Now there is almost one and a half months to see if I’m good at marketing my project and I can get people as excited about my project as I am. Let’s see what it happens and good luck to all #SciFunders!!!

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