I love fourteen!

I love fourteen!

Gareth Lock has passed the post on his SCUBA project, making it project number 14 to be funded in this round of #SciFund.

That puts us to 60% of #SciFund projects meeting their goals this round, which is a big step up from our last two rounds. It’s very exciting.

How many more projects can we fund with two days to go? Jason Finley’s project on how technology could affect memory is has jumped from the halfway point yesterday to over 85% today.

Kirk Kalani Hausman’s project, Exploring the Depths with the OpenROV submarine robot, is perhaps in the best position to make great gains in the last two days: it has the smallest target of any remaining project. And it’s a project to let kids explore the ocean with a robot! How cool would that be?

More challenging to finish (but also more exciting) is Lee Stanish’s Can microorganisms help protect our groundwater from contamination by hydraulic fracturing? project: it’s has one of the higher goals, but is now past the 50% mark. A big push at the end could do it!

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