Lucky 13

Brian Clark is the participant who has become the thirteenth scientist to join #SciFund’s 100% club!

Brian’s project, “Sex in the sea: Uncovering the mating behavior of Giant Sea Bass” is notable for being the largest project we have successfully funded in this round – about 50% higher goal than the next biggest funded so far. In fact, it’s one of the largest amounts raised in #SciFund history. We’ve had over 150 projects in three rounds, and only four have raised more money and hit their funding targets than Brian’s project. Well done, Brian!

We have three days left. How many more projects can hit their targets? JasonFinley’s project on how technology could affect memory is past the halfway mark. So is Gareth Lock’s SCUBA project. Funding those two projects would mean 65% of participants reached their funding goals in this round!

You should go to Experiment and help this become the most successful round of science crowdfunding ever see!