#SciFund Leads to Published Research

#SciFund Leads to Published Research

The #SciFund proof in the published pudding.

One question we often get from skeptics of science crowdfunding is, “Isn’t this all just a waste of time that could be used writing more papers and grants?”

To which I think we can safely present #SciFund Alum and Clarkson University professor Alisa Woods as the answer. Her project on protein markers and autism raised ~$6K to purchase analytic software.

“Bah!”, a critic might scoff, “What is that good for?”

Well, Alisa has your answer.

By enabling the purchase of crucial software, #SciFund funding was part of not one, not two,SIX publications that came out of her lab.

So, when pondering what #SciFund can do for you, remember Alisa. And sign up for round 4!

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