Georgia Tech starts its own crowdfunding

Georgia Tech starts its own crowdfunding

Georgia Tech Starters

Matt Shipman has a nice interview with Allison Mercer on how Georgia Tech decided to start its own crowdfunding website, GT Starter. There is little doubt that other universities will soon be looking to the crowdfunding model as an addition ot the normal sorts of fundraising campaigns they already have.

Thanks to Allison for the shout-out:

CB: Does GT Starter offer training or other assistance to researchers in terms of helping them develop art or videos and craft good pitches for their projects?

Mercer: We do, which is not what we initially intended to do. Crafting a video and a pitch to the broader community is not a muscle that scientists exercise as often as we should, to our own detriment. However, we learn quickly. We have learned a lot from #scifund, too.