The First Fruits of #SciFund

The First Fruits of #SciFund

We’ve just gotten notice of the first paper published acknowledging support from #SciFund supporters! Walter Weare’s Round 1 project, Artificial Photosynthesis at NCSU was a nice modest first project. It was succesful, and now some of the funded work has been published at the New Journal of Chemistry in a piece entitled meso-Pyridyl BODIPYs with tunable chemical, optical and electrochemical properties.

As an ecologist, I can assure you, I have no idea what this means. Which is why I’m really really glad that he put this through #SciFund. Why, you ask? Via his project, I know that these results are addressing relevant questions in the generation of solar energy and the work is attempting to adress questions of efficiency of energy storage.

AND, check out the acknowledgements!

Yep. I admit, I’m pretty proud of crowdfunding starting to make an impact in the literature.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL – as an added bonus to those of you who love seeing #SciFund in the wild, check out this monitor photo of #SciFunder Alex Warneke’s upcoming conference poster.

Where have you seen #SciFund in the wild?

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  1. As a Raleigh resident and even as a UNC-Chapel Hill grad, I’m happy to see this success. Crowdfunding may provide the impetus for scientists to complete the cycle of the scientific method and to communicate in common language about their research to a wider public.