Twitter as a tool for science outreach

In 2011, Adam Taylor realized that Twitter would be a fantastic way to connect his high school science students to scientists (read more about this here). He now runs a monthly Twitter meet-up between scientists and high school students, which can be found on Twitter using #SciStuChat. Adam provides more information about this program, and how to start similar programs, in the video below.

One reason why it can be daunting to get involved in outreach is that many forms of outreach have long-term time commitments. For example, blogs and podcasts are expected to be updated semi-regularly, which can be difficult during particular times of the year (e.g., during your field season or when grant deadlines are looming). Outreach efforts such as #SciStuChat allow scientists to reach out in a meaningful way when they have time.

Consider participating in the next #SciStuChat!