Six mistakes that can kill a crowdfunding campaign

Yes, this is just a gratuitous link to Mashable, but, I found their 6 mistakes that can kill a crowdfunding campaign to all ring true to the lessons learned in #SciFund rounds 1 and 2. Here they are for reference, and with a bit of light commentary to adapt them to science crowdfunding campaigns in perticular.

1. Nobody Knows Who You Are (aka, build an audience before you even start crowdfunding)

2. No One Can Tell What You’re Talking About (scientist, de-jargonify thyself!)

3. Nothing Sets You Apart From the Competition (why does your science matter, beyond just for the sake of doing science?)

4. You Fail to Ignite, Engage, or Connect (make an engaging video! have unique rewards! do something to catch people’s attention!)

5. You Don’t Maintain Contact with Supporters and Backers (keep contact with them through the WHOLE campaign – and after, if you ever want to use crowdfunding again.)

6. You’re Greedy or Clueless About Fundraising Goals (make it clear where the funds will be used – don’t be nebulous or say something like ‘for general salary/tuition’)