Round by round: Part 1

Round by round: Part 1

Now that we’ve had a few days to catch up from the astonishing finish of the second round of #SciFund, I’m going to do a few posts comparing some of the basic stats between round 1 and round 2.

The basics:

Round Days Projects Projects funded Percent funded Total raised
1 45 49 10 20.4% $76,230
2 31 75 33 44.0% $100,345


Here’s a comparison of how much researchers started out trying to raise; the targets for their projects. Click to enlarge:

Project goals

(You’ll see a few graphs like this. The small black square is the mean. The box shows where 50% of the values fall, and the line  dividing the box in two is the median. The whiskers show where 95% of the data is, and the little stars show the biggest and smallest values.)

Round 2 participants were not asking for as much cash as those in the first round. This might be because after round 1, participants had a better idea of what could be raised by crowdfunding.

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