A crowdfunding logo

A crowdfunding logo

Some of you might know the logo for open access:

While working on a post for my own blog similarities between about open and access crowdfunding, I made a graphic showing the open access logo and #SciFund logo together. And I thought, “Wow, those two look great together.” (It’s the orange and blue – contrast colours pop!)

And I thought, there should be a logo to show that something is crowdfunded. Maybe something like this…

This is a modified version of the #SciFund flask, with a few bubbles removed to make it a bit simpler and easier to scale. And the text under it isn’t absolutely necessary:

It scales down to the size of an inline icon okay:

And, as I mentioned before, looks great next to the open access logo inline:

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  1. I realise that hash symbol is known as the “pound” in the US, but wouldn’t something more obviously currency would work better a dollar sign, for instance or the euro sign?