Featured Project: Send John to the Jungle

Featured Project: Send John to the Jungle


This morning’s featured #SciFund project has me singing. Send John to the Jungle by John Gust just makes me sing George of the Jungle over and over again. I don’t know why. But it makes me want to send John to the jungle!

John is proposing to solve a mystery. The mystery of an 1875 murder of a sugar plantation manager and many of this workers in the wild days of the Yucatan. Who done it? Was it an angry rum distiller? A relic of the Mayan nobility? Some varmint who rolled into town with a chip on his shoulder?

John is trying to understand what the world of the Yucatan in the late 1800’s was like to understand the swirl of society that lead to this horrible incident. He’ll dig deep into the jungle and the people that live there to try and find answers.

What an exciting anthropology and archeology project! So why don’t you help John get down to Mexico to unearth the remains of this mystery!