#SciFund Super Team-Up!

#SciFund Super Team-Up!

from Zen Faulkes

One of the great things about the #SciFund challenge is that a real team spirit has emerged among the participants. Even in the planning stages, we were all messing about our ideas in the sandbox, and getting feedback and criticism from each other on how to make our projects better. And we needed it, since a lot of us (none of us?) had done anything like this before.

That spirit of cooperation has continued, although some of it may not be obvious to outsiders. Lots of ideas being batted about between us behind the scenes. Kelly Weinersmith has interviewed fellow #SciFund participants on her podcast, The Weekly Weinersmith.

And when we get “#SciFund” mentioned in press coverage, we feel like everyone wins.

Somewhere along the way, I got the idea of trying to create some synergy between the projects, and it occurred to me that there were links between a few other projects and my own. Since I had joked about my planned trip to Florida being potentially dangerous (“You think it’s all mouse ears there? Think again…”), I remembered a project with images of great big gators, one by Marisa Tellez.

I emailed Marisa, and explained my idea. She was a great sport, and emailed me back videorecorded answers to my prompts.

(Then, I went to the Neuroscience conference. nothing happened on the video for about a week. D’oh!)

I knew exactly the feel I wanted for the video. The phrase “team-up” is that stirs the soul of any comic book geek, so I ran with the comic feel. The music, the lettering… I’m stupidly happy with the result. Thanks, Marisa, for making this video possible!