Second week of planning your SciFund project

Second week of planning your SciFund project

Jai Ranganathan

It is now Week Two for planning our science crowdfunding projects. We are very excited by the progress that so many of you are making with your projects. So, what now?

First, keep going with planning your projects! In case you missed last week’s guidance on how to plan your crowdfunding project, you can find it here. If you haven’t had a chance to get started yet, there still is time to get going.

Second, if you haven’t yet signed up for the SciFund google group (participants received an invitation separately by e-mail last week or earlier), please do so. This is turning out to be the main way that SciFunders are talking with each other.

Third, it is now time to begin sharing draft projects with each other to get feedback. We have put together a site where SciFund people can share drafts – a site that is separate from the RocketHub website which will be the eventual home for our projects. This practice site, called the SciFund Challenge wiki, is open to only SciFund people. On the SciFund wiki, there are instructions on how to upload projects and how to provide feedback to each other. The wiki also shows the contact information for all SciFund people – maybe you can find other people from your institution who are also SciFunders! Participants will be receiving an invitation shortly by e-mail to join the SciFund wiki.

Fourth, thanks to all who participated in the SciFund logo contest. We went with your top choice. We’ll be unleashing the new logo today!