#SciFund back in the saddle

#SciFund back in the saddle

Jai Ranganathan

Jai and Jarrett, moments before Jarrett gets married. Note: Jai is not as short as he seems here. Also, even at his wedding, Jarrett is doing Science (monitoring offshore kelp populations from his chuppah vantage point).

Doh! Jarrett and I have been AWOL on the #SciFund Challenge blog for a few weeks. What happened? Good news and bad news. To start with the good news, Jarrett got married and then went on a two week honeymoon in Hawaii! On the bad news side, there was an unexpected medical emergency in my family. Thankfully, the medical situation has improved and Jarrett is back – tan, rested, and ready. So, it is all systems go with the #SciFund!

Even in our absence, the #SciFund Challenge has grown and grown! We now have 66 scientists signed up! From paleontology to machine learning to glaciology, the whole world of science is represented.

Not only that, but #SciFund has taken on a life of its own despite our wandering ways! While we’ve been AWOL, the challenge has begun generating some press and blogosphere buzz! The New Scientist enthusiastically covered the Challenge as part of a larger article about new ways to fund research. And the popular science podcast “Science… sort of” interviewed me about the Challenge.

You can’t stop the power of the #SciFund Challenge! Stay tuned for some exciting new developments, guest posts, and…we’re about to really get this crowdfunding party started as we finalize the new participants in the next two weeks and enter phase 2: getting our proposal on! So don’t wait, sign up now while there’s still time! And, when you tell all of your science friends about the #SciFund Challenge, please do refer them to the new front page of the blog which provides a quick explanation about what we are about.