Sustainable Blogging

One of the many discussions I’ve had with scientists interested in blogging is the time commitment to blog. Many scientists expect blogging to be as rigorous as writing a research paper, full of drafts and edits, and very time consuming. This approach is not very conducive to blogging for the long haul. One of my best tips is to just write what you can in as much time as you can spare. It doesn’t need to be Pulitzer worthy, it just needs to be informational in whatever capacity you deem worthy.

The point of all this is to share a link I came across today on Lifehacker about blogging in 30 minutes. The tips come from a reputable blogger (or so I’m told at least, because I am a bit out of the loop), and were useful in constructing this quick blog post. I hope it can be useful to you would-be #SciFund bloggers!