Truth about science crowdfunding: panel discussion


What does it take to succeed at science crowdfunding? Join us for a free panel discussion on the topic, broadcast live on YouTube and Google+. Our panel features scientists who have succeeded at crowdfunding, researchers who are studying the field, and even a founder of a science crowdfunding site. And we’ll be taking questions from the audience, via Google+ and Twitter (use the #SciFund hashtag). We are sure to have a fascinating discussion, so please jump in!

The truth about science crowdfunding (broadcast on YouTube and Google+)
Wednesday, December 17, 10-11 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dr. Jarrett Byrnes, University of Massachusetts Boston
Dr. Zen Faulkes, The University of Texas-Pan American
Dr. Amelia Green, Drexel University
Dr. Ethan Perlstein, PerlsteinLab
David Shiffman, University of Miami
Dr. Barbara Walker, University of California Santa Barbara
Cindy Wu,
Dr. Jai Ranganathan (moderator), SciFund Challenge