New science crowdfunding article in The Lancet

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Medical journal The Lancet has a new article on science crowdfunding. It includes several quotes from co-founder Jai Ranganathan:

“Whether a project got funded or not really had very little to do with the project subject, it had everything to do with interest for the scientist and them engaging the public with their science”, says Ranganathan.

This quote echoes one of the major lessons we have learned from analysing the results of three rounds of #SciFund Challenge projects. we are also pleased to note that a modified and improved version of the paper is now in press in PLOS ONE. In the meantime, you can read an earlier draft of that paper here at the PeerJ pre-print server.

The article is not simply about crowdfunding medicine, but is more about the role that crowdfunding might play in getting research projects off the ground in days of contracting federal funding across the board.