Sci-lamanaders: the latest #SciFund supported paper

Sci-lamanaders: the latest #SciFund supported paper

Denton et al. 2014
Rob Denton, participant in Round 2 of #SciFund, has just published the latest peer-reviewed scientific paper to be supported by the #SciFund Challenge! (Click to enlarge the acknowledgements.) It’s published in Molecular Ecology, but Rob has a nice, plain English blog post describing the work in his scientific paper here.

That makes six papers from three labs that have been supported through #SciFund! You can find the list by clicking on “Coverage” above. It’s wonderful to start seeing the papers emerging from #SciFund. Ultimately, what can help convince skeptics of science crowdfunding is how many papers start to pile up that were made possible with crowdfunding.


Denton RD, Kenyon LJ, Greenwald KR, Gibbs HL. 2014. Evolutionary basis of mitonuclear discordance between sister species of mole salamanders (Ambystoma sp.). Molecular Ecology 23(11): 2811-2824.

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