The story behind Experiment’s new name

The story behind Experiment’s new name

In this round of #SciFund, we have partnered with the science crowdfunding site Experiment. Some of you may know that Experiment used to be Microryza. But have you wondered how the transition came about? It’s a great story, told by Rohin Dhar. Here’s a snippet…

Denny surfed the web, wistfully looking at domains that would not be theirs. On a whim, he typed in … The owner of wrote Denny back within 30 minutes. A few minutes later, they were on a Skype video call, even though it was around midnight. The owner of the domain loved the team’s mission. He had a masters in physics and had bought the domain in 1996 hoping that one day it would be used for some noble purpose.

You should go read the rest. And then, of course, hed to the sweet new website with the sweet, easy to remember name, and support your favourite #SciFund project!

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