Spread the science cheer!

The holidays! They would not be what they are without science! Thanks to biology, we can mimic the key characteristics of evergreen trees to make artificial Christmas trees. Thanks to chemistry, we have shiny strips of tinsel to decorate trees. Thanks to physics, we have tiny flashing bulbs to string around our houses. Thanks to astronomy, we know what makes up a star of wonder, star of light.

If you are looking for a unique holiday gift, look no further than #SciFund! #SciFund is listed as one of the best gifts for science geeks by Business Insider.

This crowdfunding site lets you donate to great science research projects like “Alien Invaders: Armed and Dangerous” and “Did you know butterflies have STDs?” Donate what you wish, but if you donate a certain amount, you may get a gift from the researchers.

Hat tip to Jennifer Welsh.