Featured project: STEMulate Learning!

Featured project: STEMulate Learning!

Jai Ranganathan


The bonus featured #SciFund Challenge project for today is STEMulate Learning! by Kalani Hausman.

Almost everyone I know has an old computer or two sitting in the closet. What if we could use all of these older computers to solve tough scientific problems and, at the same time get kids interested in science to boot? That’s precisely what Kalani aims to do through his SciFund project.

Universities are getting rid of older (yet still functional) computers all the time. Through his #SciFund project, Kalani will be harnessing a large number of these machines to create a high-power lab that has the muscle to solve all sorts of computationally-intensive problems in science. But the real point of the project is to get kids involved with actual science. So, as part of the project he’ll be creating a set of freely-downloadable instructions, so that teachers everywhere can also create their own scientific computer labs from discarded machines. It’s a two-for-one deal: help science and help kids get excited about science. Check out STEMulate Learning!