#SciFund Featured Project: Train an Elephant Researcher

#SciFund Featured Project: Train an Elephant Researcher

from Jarrett Byrnes

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One of the fantastic things about research into endangered elephants is that the money goes right back into the communities around them. Shermin de Silva’s Train An Elephant Researcher does just that.

Shermin is following 600 Asian Elephants since her dissertation. Her work has been so successful that she’s now created a field station with more researchers and field assistants. But, first, the field assistants need training!

So meet Tharanga. Tharanga is 18 years old and from the local community. Shermin is trying to fuel Tharanga’s transition into being an elephant research. This will bring money into the local community via elephant research. The benefits in terms of coupling the work the the community around it are incredible.

I love the blend of scientific and larger social goals with this project. And because Shermin has been building the Uda Walawe Elephant Research Project, she’s got a substantial infrastructure to connect you to the work going on there. Take a look at the awesome rewards that are part of the bread and butter that supports the station. Or donate and get a guided tour of the Uda Walawe National Park in Sri Lanka.

So head on over and #SciFund Shermin’s efforts to help elephants and people coexist!