Featured Project: Urban Butterfly Blues

Featured Project: Urban Butterfly Blues

Zen Faulkes

Musicosis, [myoo-zik-OH-sis], noun. The infection of neural pathways with a song or tune that the listener continues to “hear,” involuntarily, after the music has stopped.

I had musicosis after watching the video for today’s featured #SciFund project by Timothy Bonebrake.

What I really need here
Is some science I could use

There’s an infectious guitar riff and a thumping good beat.

Something to help with
These urban butterfly blues!

I’m humming it even now.

And if the music wasn’t enough, there are jokes sprinkled through the video. I love the voice that perks up at one point saying, “I want one!”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZdsv3a-ZsE?rel=0]

I love the video, but what about the science? This project is designed to help track butterflies in Griffith Park, a popular park in Los Angeles. You’re not just supporting scientists, you’re supporting butterflies. Butterflies! If you can’t get behind that, you’re just an industrial-grade Grinch. Who else would hate on butterflies? It’s also one of the cheapest, and most easily fundable, #SciFund projects on the board. So get cracking!