Featured Project: Corals and Climate Change

Featured Project: Corals and Climate Change

from Jarrett Byrnes

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/31342456]

Today’s featured project, Corals and Climate Change by Jessica Carilli hits on two themes near and dear to my heart. First, climate change. That’s right CLIMATE CHANGE (for those skeptics needing a primer, it’s real, human caused, we’re sure, it’s bad, and we can fix it – and if you have more questions, see here).

The second theme is, what kind of earth are we leaving for future generations? Really – as we go about business as usual, blah blah, what is the legacy we are leaving the next generation? How can we understand the fate of future coral reefs for our children – what will they have?

Jessica does this by… no. I’m not going to ruin it. Jessica has an awesome proposal, great rewards and more, but it’s the last 10 seconds of her video that make me gasp and connect this research to the larger world.

Jessica does something that immediately takes this abstract concept of a future coral reef, of future change, and immediately makes it visceral and real. I finish this video, and suddenly this project becomes personal.

It’s fantastic, and gets me every time.

So, watch the video, and then go and #SciFund Jessica’s project – for future generations!