Featured Project: Athlete's Foot in Worms?

Today’s featured project is Rebecca Rashid Achterman’s Athlete’s Foot in Worms? This breakaway project looks to be on the road to be our first funded #SciFund project – 66% complete at time of posting! Help finish it off!

So. Worms. And Athlete’s foot? But, wait, you may say, worms don’t have…feet. This is one of the reasons I love this project. It shows us how science uses some seemingly odd biological jujitsu to arrive at incredibly useful results. By using nematodes whose skin are laden with some of Athlete’s Foot’s favorite protein chow, Rebecca aims to determine just how and why the fungus among us (I’ve been holding back on that one) causes that nasty itch.

This project also has another really neat component. The funds are being used to train an undergraduate. That’s right, not only will this project result in some neat research, but it will help further the indoctrination education of a new scientist in the world.

Got the warm fuzzies? Or is that just your skin condition itching? Either way, head over and help to fuel this project! Help wrap it up!