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The SciFund Challenge

One of the many discussions I've had with scientists interested in blogging is the time commitment to blog. Many scientists expect blogging to be as rigorous as writing a research paper, full of drafts and edits, and very time consuming. This approach is not very conducive to blogging for the long haul. One of my best tips is to just write what you can in as much time as you … [Read more...]

#SciFund Voices: Connect your science to journalists, the right way! Panel Discussion


Scientists! How do you increase the odds that your science will be reported accurately in the media? How do you increase the chances that your research will be reported on at all? If you have been wondering about questions like this from the world of science journalism, SciFund Challenge has a panel discussion for you. For this month's SciFund Voices, we'll be interviewing an … [Read more...]

Moving Beyond a Social-Networks-Only Picture of Science Crowdfunding

Your social network is only one piece of the puzzle. How can you either a) build  many connections to other people in the world or b) build connections to organizations that have connections to many people?  

The strength of those connections is contingent on YOUR ability to connect your work to the people you communicate with.

Yesterday, Terry McGlynn over at one of my favorite blogs, Small Pond Science made some rather interesting and provocative comments about souring on crowdfunding for science due to his perception that it was all about one's personal social networks. While personal social networks were a piece of the pie as discussed in our paper, it's not the whole pie. And as have … [Read more...]

#SciFund Voices: Using social media without blowing up your scientific career Panel Discussion


Scientists! How do you use social media to further (and not blow up) your career. We have a discussion for you, featuring a panel of scientists who are Jedi Masters of social media. Join the discussion to learn what worked and didn't work for them. You can watch the live feed right here (posted below), or participate in the discussion via the Google+ Hangout Q&A or on … [Read more...]

In New Jersey, threatened birds find refuge in one of the most populated areas of the state.


New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the US, with over one third of the 50 most densely populated cities in the country existing in the New York Metropolitan area of the state. The population continues to boom in places like Jersey City where new business and residential developments and proximity to Manhattan have made the downtown neighborhood highly desirable. … [Read more...]