Poster Class 2015: Week 5 – The Home Stretch

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Welcome to Week 5 of the SciFund Challenge 2015 Poster Design Class. We’re just about at the finish line. Finally! But don’t relax just yet. You can find yourself spending a lot of time making minor adjustments and tweaks. Not only that but you still need to prepare for your presentation. We hope you didn’t think that once your poster is complete, everything else will … [Read more...]

Poster Class 2015: Week 4


Welcome to the week four of the poster class! We’ve been slowly building our posters to have maximum visual impact, while at the same time maximizing poster readability. The poster layout gives the clean aesthetic feel of professional design. Your figures draw attention and tell a clear and concise story. Now it is finally time to incorporate the readable part of your … [Read more...]

2015 Poster Class: Week 3

A graph with wall-to-wall chartjunk. Click for full size, if you dare!

Welcome to Week Three of the 2015 SciFund Challenge Poster Class! This week, our focus is on our figures. Last week we spoke about how the layout of your poster can affect the narrative of that poster. In fact, every element of the poster can either add or detract from that narrative. In previous weeks of this class, we have stressed how important the Message Box can be in … [Read more...]

2015 Poster Class: Week 2


Last week we spent a considerable amount of time getting to the core of our poster. We used the Message Box to pinpoint the fundamental themes of our poster topic. We also identified our take-home message, the vital information that we wanted our audience to leave with. This week we are going to begin to package our content and start putting it in our poster file. The goal … [Read more...]

2015 Poster Class: Week One

An iconic movie poster. With the SciFund poster class, you'll be making some iconic posters of your own.

Welcome to Week One of the SciFund Challenge 2015 poster design course! With this class, we have two goals. One: to build a compelling and eye-catching poster. Two: to help our classmates to build their poster making abilities. So let’s get started with both! At the center of every good poster is a compelling story and a clean, organized layout. Throughout the course we’ll … [Read more...]