#SciFund Challenge Self-Guided Class

Connecting people to your science with Instagram

Part 2: Finding your place on Instagram

Instagram is designed for mobile, so here's step one: on your mobile device, download the app on Apple's App Store or on Android's Google Play. Step two: sign up for an Instagram account. Congratulations! You are now an officially certified Instagram person.

So, now what? Well, there's a twist with Instagram. Sure, it's a place to share photos. But it is also a powerful photography and editing tool as well. So, this guide will be doing triple duty, showing you how to: use Instagram to achieve your communications goals like a champ, take awesome photos, and edit photos to make them even awesomer.

Let's get started by showing you the lay of the land, in the following slide show. Do hit the full screen button on the slides (lower right) so that you can see them properly.

Thanks to our hard-hitting Audience First guide, you already have some ideas about who you want to connect with on Instagram and why you want to connect them (if you haven't taken a look at it yet, here's your chance). But perhaps, dear reader, you are still struggling a bit with nailing down this audience stuff. Well, not to fear, because we've got you covered. To give you some ideas, the slideshow below shows the huge range of ways that researchers are using Instagram. As before, do make the slides full screen.