Bedtime Science: How to camera trap your kids

Our Siamese cat vanished from our yard over a month ago.

Our Siamese, Wolverine

We’ve put up posters all over the neighbourhood. We’ve talked to what feels like everyone in this city. We have an ad in the paper. But finding him is laregely out of our control; it’s just a matter of waiting now. Of course, since we’re a couple of scientists, it’s not really in our nature to just sit back and do nothing. Had we been microbiologists, I imagine that we would be plating every kind of surface looking for a microbial clue for which direction our kitty went.

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Since we’re a couple of ecologists, we have access to camera traps – a much more applicable way to survey the animals around you.

Of course we have black tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus)

And a bunch of other cute and cuddlies.

But as a mother and wife, I’ve found that the camera trap is an effective way to spy on my family in the yard. Here’s a few of my favourite photos

Yup, I live with weirdoes. But they’re my weirdoes.

Wolverine isn’t home yet, but we’ve gotten reported sightings of him all over the city. He’s living up to his name-sake by being far-ranging and elusive.

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I think the next cat we get, we’ll name Sloth.

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