The Island of the Colour-blind: Medical mysteries and other stories

Book review: The Island of the Colour-blind by Oliver Sacks I've always found Oliver Sacks' books fascinating. Sacks was a neurologist, but in this book he gives us a glimpse of his childhood interests. In his early years he was fascinated by the … [Read More...]

This sticky end is a clue to cancer’s causes

How do healthy cells turn cancerous? Their  DNA gradually accumulates errors. Most of these errors aren't important, but occasionally they stop the cell from working properly. They might cause a cell to grow out of control - and this can lead to … [Read More...]

Bedtime Science: Why do seeds travel?

A lot of plants have seeds that are made to travel to new places. Why is this? Plants get their energy from the sun. They need this energy to grow. What happens if a seed falls from a lovely leafy tree? The new plant is in the shade. The sunlight … [Read More...]

Majority of island flying foxes are on the brink

Once upon a time, there was a tiny piece of paradise on Earth, where unique animals and plants were living their day by day mostly peaceful. As, nothing is perfect, not even the paradise, sometimes, there were some trouble, like long droughts. Many … [Read More...]

The smallest orchid of Mauritius

The Mauritian flora is well-known as it started to be described in late 1760s by Philibert Commerson. Nearly half century later, Thouars published the first major study about Mauritian orchids. Today nearly 100 native species of orchids have been … [Read More...]

Bedtime Science: How do seeds travel?

If animals run out of food they can can move to where there's more. Plants can't get up and move to find a better place to grow. But they have found ways to send their "children" to new places where they might have a better chance of surviving. … [Read More...]

What’s the point of prickles?

Have you ever stood on a prickle? Going barefoot in summer often meant a foot full of bindii prickles where I grew up. These prickles that are even more painful to stand on. What good are prickles anyway? A prickle is attached to a … [Read More...]

The importance of science: from an invasive to an endemic species

Science is about always about making new questions, cleverly doubting the status quo. This is what makes it moves forward and improves everyone’s knowledge. Most of the time it is done in small steps, rarely as major inventions or … [Read More...]

Helicopter trees

Did you know that helicopters grew on trees long before people invented them? The helicopters I played with growing up in Queensland were from a hiptage bush. This plant is originally from Southeast Asia. These seed pods make beautiful … [Read More...]

Post truth handy in renewed mass culling flying foxes threatened with extinction on Mauritius

A little more than a year ago, I wrote about the government lead mass culling of the Mauritian flying foxes. At that time, I pointed out how the decision was based on nothing but thin air. This year, there is a word for it: … [Read More...]