SciFund Round 3 Begins Now

Don’t look now, but #SciFund Challenge is roaring back from summer vacation: tanned, rested, and ready!

We had a fabulous second round last May, raising over a hundred thousand dollars for research through crowdfunding and (more importantly) training 75 scientists in science outreach.

Scientists, are you kicking yourself for not being part of the last round of #SciFund? Well, let the kicking stop, because I am here to announce the opening of the third round of the #SciFund Challenge. If you are a scientist interested in connecting your research to the broader public and in raising money for your research through science crowdfunding along the way, you should be part of #SciFund 3.

Community and engagement: the values that drive #SciFund

Jai Ranganathan

Community: it’s more than my favorite TV show. It’s what drives #SciFund!

The second round of #SciFund Challenge ends on May 31 and I am just amazed at how well we are doing. 23 of 75 projects have hit their funding targets, with many remaining projects within striking distance of their goal. What gets me excited about #SciFund though isn’t the money. What gets me really pumped is that the #SciFund scientists have formed a real community focused on supporting each other and on connecting science to society. Most of the community stuff takes place behind the scenes, but I thought I would let everyone in on the secret!