Video Class 2014, Week Three

Unfortunately, no 3D movies for Week Three of the class. No space aliens either.

Welcome to Week Three of the SciFund Challenge 2014 video training class!

Last week, we looked at planning our videos and adapting our narratives to the visual medium of video, using storyboards. This week, we’ll start shooting scenes from our storyboard. To do that we will be thinking about principles in audio recording and cinematography that you can use to make your video feel more professional.

Video Class 2014, Week Two

As this guy knows, the key to effective storyboarding is a very big board.

Welcome to Week Two of the SciFund Challenge 2014 video training class!

Last week, we focussed on how to convert our science into interesting narratives. This week: how do we turn those narratives into compelling visual stories? To do that, we’ll be using a standard planning tool for film making, known as storyboarding. Also this week: script writing!

This week you’ll be doing the following:

1. Putting together a storyboard and script for your video, which you’ll share to the class Google+ page for comments.

2. Giving comments to the storyboards and scripts for others in the class.

3. Taking part in a one hour group discussion, via Google Hangouts. The more of the class assignment you can get done before your group discussion, the better off you’ll be. At the least though, please get a draft of your script completed before your group discussion

On with the show!