Creating Instagram visuals that work

If you are a scientist on Instagram, you have probably wondered: what makes for a great Instagram visual? It’s not about taking the most beautiful, National Geographic-worthy shot.

A great Instagram visual is one that encourages engagement between you and your audience. That engagement is extremely important because it allows you to begin real conversations with your audience – and those conversations are ultimately what will get you to your science communication goals.

In the post shown above, Luke Jongens does a great job of showing a playful picture and then inviting his audience to comment with potential captions. So not only is the picture attention grabbing, but the caption invites engagement.

The sweet spot here is Instagram content that not only interests and excites YOU but also caters to the interests of your target audience.

SciFund Challenge has a lot more to say about engaging Instagram visuals in our Instagram for Scientists class. Here’s the relevant section of the class material.

Also, SciFund Challenge has a new Instagram account! Check it out here.