Introducing Amy Wild, adventurer

I’d like to introduce Amy Wild to Fireside Science and Bedtime Science. Amy will bring us some exciting adventures from the Australian bush.

Amy was born in December, 1989. From a toddler, she was exposed to the wilderness; learning to climb trees, snorkel, pitch a tent and catch a lizard before entering primary school. The instant she grasped the concept of a pencil, she began to draw pictures, and never stopped. The first ‘big’ thing she ever saved up for was a digital camera. The key element that has always inspired Amy‘s photography, filming and illustrations is wildlife — indeed, zoology is her primary passion in life and chosen area of study. Over time, reptiles have come to the forefront of that passion.

Since graduating with first class Honours in biology in 2010, as well as extensive wildlife work Amy‘s love of people and creativity has led her to explore the world of communication and entertainment in the form of facepainting, hosting kid’s parties professionally (through the company Rosie O); and wildlife tour guiding. She soon realised that she needed to combine her passions in a unique way to make a difference. It started with a website for art, photography and wildlife education,; but that wasn’t enough. Finally, after much thought, her combined passions – wildlife, entertainment and education – have merged in the making of her mini-documentary series on YouTube, “Amy Wild Adventures.”

Amy has been lucky enough to work in the North West of Australia with primarily terrestrial wildlife (though she also holds a keen love and passion for the marine world), and to experience several travel opportunities both within and without her home country. These experiences have gifted her with a wide range of subjects, and an even broader appreciation for the incredible beauty of our natural world. When she isn’t gallivanting in the bush, Amy bases herself in a suburban share-house in Perth, Western Australia.

Ultimately, being brought up and carrying on to live comfortably both within the city and the wild environment, she has learnt both the fun and luxury of the social suburban life, and the vitality and wonder that stems from removing oneself from that zone and returning to the wild. To walk barefoot, to wake to the exclusive sound of wind through leaves, birds calling and small bush rustles; to feel the exhilaration of finding an uncommon species after hours of searching – nothing compares to that for Amy.

Amy views her peculiar situation – having been raised with the ‘best of both worlds’ – as a special opportunity to bridge the gap between the wild and the city life. Her primary goal now is to pass on her passion, energy and knowledge to all humans, hoping that the development of a truer understanding and appreciation for our natural world might create a genuine desire in others to promote conservation and global sustainability.