Dr. Rountree Interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition

HI, WBUR aired a segment on my research on Morning Edition titled “How Fish Noises Can Help Manage Species.” written by Beenish Ahmed.  Read a transcript of the interview or listen to the podcast at: http://www.wbur.org/2012/05/16/fish-sounds

Dr. Rountree recording fish sounds

Dr. Rodney Rountree Recording Fish Sounds on Cape Cod


New Unidentified fish Sound on Cape Cod

HI, Was out sampling on Cape Cod, MA last Friday night with a reporter from Boston NPR and recorded this unknown fish sound. My interview will air on the NPR station WBUR on the Morning Edition show May 16, 2011.  Click here to listen to sound file:  Unknown fish sound on Cape Cod

Unknown Fish Sound from Cape Cod

Waveform and spectrogram of an unknown fish sound recorded on Cape Cod, MA around 9 pm May 11, 2012


Fish Sound Ringtones!

Think fish sounds are cool? Download a free fish sound ringtone from my web site at:


Over 20,000 downloads to date!  The Fish Fart (yes fart) ringtones are by far the most popular, but the cusk-eel, toadfish and searobin sounds make much better ringtones!


Fish Sounds of the Kennebec River

HI,  Just got back from a quick trip to the Kennebec River in Maine, USA. You may not realize just how little we know about the aquatic soundscape. We don’t have to go some place exotic like the Amazon River to make scientific discoveries. In fact we know almost nothing about the soundscape of aquatic habitats right here in the US.  A quick trip to the Kennebec River in Maine illustrates this. Listen to this short soundclip from the river in Hallowell Maine (outside of Augusta), click here: Kennebec River Fish Sounds.  The river is filled with unknown fish sounds at night.  And a big shout out for the folks at Maple Hill Farm Inn. A great place to stay when your in the field in Hallowell, Maine!

Kennebec River Sampling

Sampling fish sounds in the Kennebec River, Maine


Hello, Welcome to Fish Listener!

Dr. Rountree and staff of the River Project in NYC

Dr. Rountree and staff of the River Project in NYC listening to fish

HI, I created this blog both for my SciFund Challenge Project: Fish Sounds of the Amazon and to provide information on the study of fish sounds in general.  Throughout the fundraising period I will add periodic blogs on my research on fish sounds, but will continue the blog indefinitely to describe ongoing studies of fish sounds and the aquatic soundscape.  Unfortunately I will be completely cut off from outside contact during the four week expedition to the Amazon this summer, but as soon as I return I will begin blogging on my experiences Listening to Fish in the Amazon.

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