Traditional media outlets

Dec. 1. EMBO reports: Tapping the crowds for research funding
Sep. 27. The Globe and Mail: A new plea from professors – buy my idea
May 1. Nature: Crowd-funding: cash on demand
Apr. 21. Columbus Dispatch: Research projects get funding from the public
Apr. 7. Physics Today: Scientists experiment with crowdfunding
Mar. 26. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: Kickstart your research
Mar. 8. Pacific Standard: Extraordinary popular enthusiasms and funding from crowds
Feb. 15. Laborjournal (in German): Marketing instead of applications
Feb. 14. NPR: Scientists pass the hat for research funding Part 1, Part 2

Dec. 23. Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio: Harnessing the power of the crowd
Jun. 16. Saturday Morning (Radio New Zealand National): Playing favourites with Siouxsie Wiles
July 9. Economic_Times: Crowdfunding comes to science’s aid as budgets, grants face squeeze
May 31. The Early Edition (CBC British Columbia radio): Crowdfunding science (#SciFund story begins at 7:24)
May 30. Savannah Morning News: UGA student makes parasite provocative
May 29. New York Times: Young scientists embrace crowdfunding
May 23. Santa Barbara Independent: Money + science = better world
May 21. University of British Columbia Science Podcast: The wondrous, endangered seahorse
May 20. Santa Barbara News-Press: Website raises funds for small science projects
May 20. Manchester Evening News: Log on to help beat rainforest logging threat, says scientist
May 15. Forskningsrådet: Will many small streams of funding fuel research? (in Norwegian)
May 13. Token Skeptic Podcast: On Evolution In Action With Brilliant Bioluminescence
May 9. Athens Banner-Herald: UGA students use crowd funding as they compete in SciFund Challenge
May 8. University of Washington News: CoEnv scientists engage in new research model through crowdfunding site #Scifund
Jan. 18. Nature: Finding philanthropy – like it? Pay for it

Dec. 23. North Carolina Public Radio (WUNC): Scientists using web donations to fund projects
Dec. 12. Süddeutsche Zeitung: Indiana Jones to capture donations (in German)
Dec. 6. Inc. Magazine: 5 Predictions for the Future of Your Business
Dec. 1. Galei Tzahal (Israeli Army radio): A new project – a small contribution for big research (in Hebrew)
Dec. 1. The Technician: ‘Crowdfunding’ a valuable method for science research
Dec. 1. The Pan American: UTPA professor uses crowdfunding for scientific research
Nov. 30. Minnesota Daily: U helps get vaccines to rural Africa
Nov. 29. BioWorld: Crowdfunding is coming, but will it be niche only?
Nov. 28. Bellingham Herald: WWU instructor joins research crowdfunding project
Nov. 23. San Antonio Business Journal: Trinity University turning to social media to advance scientific research
Nov. 21. Daily Mail: SciFund – exploding duck penises and other wacky research that YOU can fund
Nov. 21. Nashua Telegraph: Pay for a little bit of science via ‘crowd-funding’
Nov. 18. MSNBC: It’s the science of money — here’s how you can help
Nov. 17. Scientific American: To study backward-finned dolphin, researcher sources crowds for cash
Nov. 17. Berkeley Science Review: On the elephant’s trail
Nov. 16. Forbes: Crowdfunding for science and STEM education
Nov. 15. The Asian Scientist: The #SciFund Challenge – science funding through crowdsourcing
Nov. 15. El Mundo: Spanish scientists seeking funding through private donations (in Spanish)
Nov. 15. Europa Press: Three Spanish researchers seeking funding on the Internet (in Spanish)
Nov. 14. Canarias 7: Three Spanish researchers seeking funding for their science projects on the Internet (in Spanish)
Nov  11. CNN: Who were the 99% of ancient Rome?
Nov. 11. Forbes: An archaeologist wants the story of Rome’s 99%
Nov. 11. Minnesota Daily: 200 cameras are set to capture millions of lion images from Tanzania
Nov. 8. Spektrum der Wissenschaft: German edition of Scientific American
Nov. 8. NRC Handelsblad: Major Dutch newspaper
Nov. 6. Zanichelli: Major Italian publishing house
Aug. 17. New Scientist: The road less traveled

New media outlets

Dec. 6. Scientific American: Production value on the SciFund Challenge – good films get funded!
Dec. 3. Double X Science: Crowdfunding on the brain – finding biomarkers for early autism diagnosis
Nov. 27. redOrbit: Scientists use crowdfunding to raise funds and awareness for autism research
May 30. Socially Conscious Investing: Clean water to save lives globally one filter at a time
May 29. Voxy: Science gains funding through social media
May 29. The 21st Floor: Last few days of the #SciFund Challenge!
May 29. UBC Science Podcast: The wondrous, endangered sea horse
May 27. Science Exchange: Crowdfunding as the future of science funding?
May 25. Scientific American: Top video picks from the #SciFund Challenge
May 24. UNM Today: The effect of water on life and funding creatives with RocketHub
May 23. Scientific American: Crowdfunding for research dollars – a cure for science’s ills?
May 23. Socially Conscious Investing: Funding science takes a new face – crowdfunding
May 23. Voxy: Science gains funding through social media
May 23. Weekly Weinersmith: Dr. Ryan Earley and “Why are there males”
May 22. Scientists use ‘crowd funding’ to secure research funds
May 22. Southern Fried Science: #SciFund Returns – Where have all the coral reef fish gone?
May 17. UCSB GradPost: Graduate student Ning Jiang funds clean water project with crowdfunding
May 17. Weekly Weinersmith: Dr. Jennifer Sheridan and tropical conservation
May 15. Research: Will many small streams provide money for research now? (in Norwegian)
May 14. GreenUnite: Scientists fuel future research with crowdfunding
May 12. Mongabay: Scientists launch crowd-funding experiment for research projects
May 11. The Sciblogs podcast: the not-so-good oil
May 10. Weekly Weinersmith: Dr. Sanna Sokolow and biological control of schistosomiasis
May 10. Southern Fried Science: #SciFund Returns – Can an abalone in a bag save two on the reef?
May 9. Elite Daily: UW Scientists beg for money with crowdfunding
May 8. CoEnv Currents: CoEnv scientists engage in new research model through crowdfunding site #SciFund
May 8. Association for Tropical Biology & Conservation: The consortium #SciFund Challenge
May 7. Deep Sea News: SciFund Challenge – the Aquatic Projects
May 3. Southern Fried Science: #SciFund Returns – Muddy waters: coral health after storm events
May 1. Monkey Cage: Mass appeal – crowdfunding political science research

Dec. 27. Earth Teaching: Scientists go online for research funding
Dec. 13. Hayadan: On bacteria that use mutations as weapon and the grad students that need your help (in Hebrew)
Dec. 12. Day’s Edge Productions: You make science happen: The Scifund Challenge
Dec. 8. Smarter Monkey: Crowdfunding Science
Dec. 6. AGORA, For Women in Science Communication: Giving People the chance to take part in Science Funding
Dec. 5. Gizmag: Duck mating is an arms race
Dec. 1. Scientific American: Some serious video productions in the #SciFund Challenge
Nov. 30. The Abstract: Crowdfunding liquid sunlight
Nov. 28. Tapuz: Grad students need your help to study bacteria using mutations as weapons (in Hebrew)
Nov. 23. The Daily Crowdsource: The Serengeti Lion Project Goes Online With The Help of Crowdfunding
Nov. 22. Science… Sort Of Podcast: Mo’ Money, Mo’ Science 
Nov. 22. Advertising and Health: the Internet is an essential platform for science communication (in Spanish)
Nov. 22. Compredia #ls_chat on Science Crowdfunding with Jai
Nov. 21. Mother Nature Network: In attempt to raise cash, scientists turn to crowdsourced funding
Nov. 20. EsoWatch: Das Scifund Experiment (in German)
Nov. 18. Live Science: Explosive duck penis vs. zombie fish – scientists compete for your money
Nov. 17. Inventiveness against the crisis – the SciFund challenge, a new way to fund science (in Spanish)
Nov. 16. Slate: Science goes to crowdsourcing (in French)
Nov. 15. Comprendia: Occupy life science? How researchers are challenging the status quo and why companies should help
Nov. 14. FayerWayer: SciFund – Spanish scientists seeking funding from individuals on the Internet (in Spanish)
Nov. 14. The silent story of the forgotten Roman (in Portuguese)
Nov. 14. EduCurrent: Occupy SPQR
Nov. 14. The Daily Scan at GenomeWeb: How do you say ‘the 99 percent’  in Latin?
Nov. 13. Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog: Doing science right
Nov. 13. Gene Expression: Roman DNA Project funded
Nov. 13. Doug’s Archaeology: Crowd sourcing archaeology funds: tip of the iceberg or passing fad?
Nov. 13. QuantumBlah: Wimps, Silvio, and the Masses
Nov. 12. Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives: Where the girls are – Roman edition
Nov. 12. Slashdot: Crowdfunding for Science – Can it Succeed?
Nov. 11. Scientific American: #SciFund puts YOU in charge of funding science
Nov. 11. Archaeology News Network: DNA study to investigate the other 99% of Romans
Nov. 11. Southern Fried Science: Hey! Did you miss that fish?
Nov. 10. Archaeologik: Betteln im netz – neue weg der finanzierung von forschungsprojekten
Nov. 9. Southern Fried Science: Turtles in the deep
Nov. 8. Southern Fried Science: Tracking the migration of the Atlantic Puffin
Nov. 7. Species, informatics, and me: the #SciFund Challenge
Nov. 7. Heathen Hub: Using what makes your bread and beer against cancer
Nov. 6. io9: Fund a study that will plumb the horrors of duck sex!
Nov. 6. Citizen Scientists League: A new source to fund science research
Nov. 6. Science Cabaret Podcast: Is science up to the Challenge?
Nov. 5. Pharyngula: Anti-caturday post
Nov. 4. Chronicles from Hurricane Country: Behind the scenes Chez NaNoVille
Nov. 4. O’Reilly Radar
Nov. 3. Gas Station Without Pumps: SciFund crowd-sourcing science funding
Nov. 3. Uncommon Ground: the #SciFund Challenge
Nov. 2. Take Part: Can science be funded on the web?
Nov. 2. Geeks Are Sexy: The #SciFund Challenge – crowdfunding for science
Nov. 2. Rogue Classicism: Ancient Roman DNA Project
Nov. 2. Electric Archaeology: Crowdfunding archaeology: ancient Roman DNA Project
Nov. 1. Boing Boing: Help crowdfund scientific research!
Nov. 1. Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog: Roman DNA Project
Nov. 1. Distributed Ecology: #SciFund Rocket’s ahead on Rocket Hub
Nov. 1. Bio info blog: Scifund projects online
Nov. 1. The Mary Sue: Please help these scientists figure out how strong duck penises are
Sept. 19. Scientific American: What is the #SciFund Challenge?
Aug. 16. Science… Sort Of Podcast: Growing up science 
Aug. 8. Deep Sea News: Can science be crowdfunded?

#SciFund participants writing about their projects

Nov. 23. Zen Faulkes: #SciFund Challenge – the halfway point
Nov. 11. Jarrett Byrnes: Seeing through the measurement error
Nov. 8. Marisa Alonso Núñez: “Cancer? Yeast has answers” in the SciFund Challenge (in Spanish)
Nov. 6. Jennifer Schmitt: Crowdfunding for smart delivery in Tanzania
Nov. 6. Zen Faulkes: #SciFund Challenge round up
Nov. 5. Kristina Killgrove: why crowdfunding?
Nov. 3. Ali Swanson: Join U of M lion researchers in bringing the Serengeti to the web
Nov. 2. Kevin Fomalont at Daily Kos: Scifund – funding science for a new era
Nov. 2. Jorge Mederos: The #SciFund Challenge is already in the air! (in Spanish)
Nov. 1. Kelly Weinersmith: my #SciFund proposal is LIVE!
Oct. 31. Bree Putman: crowd funding – the funding of the future
Sep. 29. Marisa Alonso Núñez: People crowdfunding your research? The SciFund Challenge! (in Spanish)