This we believe. A world where people are more closely connected to science and scientists is a better world. Having better scientific understanding leads to people having better lives and to societies making better large-scale decisions.

Unfortunately the gap between science and society is massive and only growing larger. SciFund Challenge exists to do something about this problem, by helping to close this gap in three distinct ways. We train and encourage researchers in their science outreach activities. We also help connect the public directly to science and scientists. Lastly, we run science crowdfunding drives to help fund research.

SciFund Challenge Leadership

Jai Ranganathan: Jai is a co-founder and Director of SciFund Challenge. He is strongly dedicated to the promotion of science communication and science outreach. He is a conservation biologist and a Center Associate at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis. He can be found on Twitter at @jranganathan and on e-mail at jairanganathan at gmail.com.
img_0182 Anthony Salvagno: Anthony is the Director of Education of the SciFund Challenge and a graduate of the #SciFund Challenge: Round 2. He is a freelance biophysical and open notebook scientist through his independent organization IheartAnthony. He shares his research in real-time, promotes open science, and advocates for effective science communication. He can be found on twitter at @thescienceofant, and is also the moderator of the @Scifund twitter account.
WilesS_2010 Siouxsie Wiles: Dr Siouxsie Wiles is the Director of Outreach for SciFund. She describes herself as a microbiologist and bioluminescence enthusiast but to others she is “the owner of the pinkest head of hair you’ll ever see”. Siouxsie heads the Bioluminescent Superbugs Group at the University of Auckland where she combines her twin passions to understand and combat infectious diseases. In a nutshell, Siouxsie and her team make nasty bacteria glow in the dark. She still can’t believe she gets paid to do this for a living. Siouxsie is also a blogger, podcaster and keen tweeter and has been involved in making a series of short animations about the amazing creatures that glow in nature and the myriad uses of bioluminescence in science.
Jarrett Byrnes: Jarrett is a co-founder and Chief Networking Officer for SciFund Challenge. He has been fascinated by the transformative power of internet technologies for science communication and outreach since graduate school, where he started his blog i’m a chordata! urochordata! in 2002. He is currently an assistant professor in the Biology Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston where he studies marine ecology and global change. He can be found online at @jebyrnes or at his lab website.
BGHI200x200 Brian Glanz: Brian is the Director of Technology for SciFund Challenge and founded and directs the Open Science Federation. At the 2011 Open Science Summit and 2012 ScienceOnline, Brian and Jai worked out that Open Science Federation volunteers would build and host SciFundChallenge.org as an online community and blogging network for researchers, such as at Fireside Science. Brian manages the technical projects and moderates our online community. Recent SciFund + OSF collaborations include the Open Notebook Science Network. Brian herds the open source cats who make it work for SciFund and through OSF, hundreds of other science blogs, sites, and networks. He tweets @brianglanz and with the other cats @openscience.

People who make SciFund Challenge Go

zen_2013_200x200 Zen Faulkes: Zen Faulkes is an invertebrate neuroethologist at The University of Texas-Pan American. He is @DoctorZen on Twitter and blogs at NeuroDojo (http://neurodojo.blogspot.com). He blogged about his #SciFund expedition at Amazons and Goliaths (http://scifundexpedition.tumblr.com/).
EPSON scanner image Kirk Hausman: Professor Hausman is an author and researcher (cyber terrorism, cyber-crime,
distance education and rapid prototyping), while also practicing information assurance and IT governance as an Assistant Commandant for Texas A&M University. Kirk has served as a senior research scientist in the fields of cyber terrorism, cybercrime, and cyber security and regularly lectures on uses of technology in education, solutions for persons with disabling conditions, network security, and strategic architectural planning to improve enterprise efficiencies.
Steve Herbert Steve Herbert: Steve Herbert is an associate professor in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Wyoming. His research has always focused on the process of photosynthesis at all scales, from the activities of molecules in photosynthetic cells to the global photosynthesis of Earth as a whole. His interest in photosynthesis has been academic but now he wants to apply his knowledge to meeting human needs. Fuels, new materials for industry, waste processing, and management of global climate can all be provided sustainably by photosynthesis but we must learn to use it in new ways. That is the goal of his work.
Daniel_Mietchen Daniel Mietchen: Daniel Mietchen is a freelancing scientist. Trained in Biophysics at the Humboldt University in Berlin, he did a PhD in Physics at the University of the Saarland, focusing on applications of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to dehydrated biological systems. Thematically, his research ranges from fossils and embryonic development to cold hardiness, music perception, brain morphometry and vocal learning. This entails the transdisciplinary collaboration with researchers from around the globe, which sparked the initial interest in what is his current focus – the integration of research workflows with the World Wide Web, particularly by way of collaborative platforms like wikis. He currently is the Wikimedian in Residence on Open Science, hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany.
LizNeeley200 Liz Neeley: Liz Neeley is the Assistant Director of Science Outreach for COMPASS, where she helps develop and lead communications trainings for scientists and students around the country. Liz specializes in the use of social media for science engagement, and blogs about it at COMPASSblogs. She is the contributing author of Escape From the Ivory Tower: A Guide To Making your Science Matter and affiliate staff at the University of Washington, where she teaches science communication for graduate students in the College of the Environment.
marisa200px Marisa Alonso Nuñez: Marisa is a pharmacist and a scientist who is passionate about science communication. From the bench to the pharmacy, always bringing science to society. After several years working in Manchester as a cancer researcher she is back in her home town in Spain (Astorga) to work as a pharmacist and research in a new field: pharmacoepidemiology.
judit2 Judit Pugnor: Judit is a graduate student at Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station, studying the form and function of cephalopod visual systems. She thinks science is awesome and hopes to inspire more people to become a part of it, so was thrilled to hop onto the SciFund team. When not wrangling octopuses or Facebook promos, Judit enjoys cooking, painting, and hiking with her dog.
Headshot Alex Warneke: Alex Warneke is a graduate student at San Diego State University. Alex is a strong proponent of unconventional science communication and extending the broader impacts of her research to the general public using the outlets of film and social media. When she is not busting a move in the cold room, she can be normally found frolicking through the kelp forest.
Kelly for SciFund Kelly Weinersmith: Kelly is a PhD student at the University of California Davis where she studies parasites that manipulate the behavior of their hosts. She also co-hosts two science podcasts (Weekly Weinersmith and Science..sort of), and is a fellow of the American Association of University Women.